A mother's story of tragedy and the enduring strength of family

by Caroline Flohr

When Caroline Flohr's sixteen-year-old twin daughter, Sarah, is killed in an accident involving eight teens taking a midnight joyride, what's left behind? And how do you move forward? An honest observation told through the eyes and voice of Sarah's mother, Heaven's Child is a magical memoir that teaches us how to celebrate our losses while rediscovering life. Caroline Flohr tackles big questions and universal misunderstandings, drawing readers to journey beside her as she opens the domestic scenes of home, heart, family, and community. The book covers sudden loss; death of a child; relationships within a family; funerals and traditions; doubts, faith and hope; marriages, divorces, and parenting; the comfort of memories; the power of intuition; the resilience of the human spirit. Heaven's Child shows us that the grieving process is personal, that it's not just about death but also about any loss in our life, that it's not just about endings, but grieving is more about beginnings. Heaven's Child provides the comfort and peace needed to overcome life's greatest obstacles while helping you realize that you never truly journey alone.

ISBN 9781937454364
139 pages

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