From Your Child's Loving Teacher

by Dana Arias

In this powerful book, you will learn how parents and teachers can work together in the spirit of harmony for the benefit of their students and children alike. Dana offers a series of letters, which are basically an ongoing conversation, which can help you as the parent better prepare your student to succeed academically. You will learn to decode the mysteries behind the things teachers ask from parents, and you will learn how partnering with teachers in specific ways can help students become better learners. The information here will help you take control of your child?s education and strengthen your family in simple and easy ways through the biggest tool you have as a parent: dialogue. It will allow you to see a transformation in your child?s thinking patterns, conversation, and writing skills. All of these changes can transfer into better grades, a happier student, and even a more peaceful home environment. You will learn how to work with your child?s teacher to create a 21st Century Learner. Are you ready to find new ways to help your child succeed in this global world? Then Dear Parents is for you!

ISBN 9781938686641
208 pages

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