by Dr. Adrian H. Krieg CMFGE

Dr. Krieg?s 16th book, with over 60,000 of his published works sold to date, includes 26 chapters on issues relating to the perilous situation America finds itself in today. The book explains as no other, the propaganda, intends and funding means used by government agencies and the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned of, that is leading to America?s national demise. Demonstrating Churchill?s clear warning of socialism, Madison?s warnings about power of the state, he demonstrates the actions of a wayward and over bloated bureaucracy that is now totally out of control. It lists the means used by mainstream media, that acts in uniform complicity in support of a corrupt power structure seated in Washington.

Outlining that propaganda is by no means a 20th or 21st century invention, he illustrates how the infusion of one and a half billion dollars per year is used by various government agencies and major corporations to induce the people to believe things that are simply not so. Demonstrating that under the pervasive influence of all this misinformation, citizens are no longer able to reach rational decisions, and are thus controlled by an elitist cabal. This is leading to the dissolution of civil society, separating Americans into a South American two-class system of the very rich and the poor.

Banksters, media moguls, politicians, and their puppet burreaucrats have now captured the American system that worked so well for the previous 200-years, the rich are getting richer and the folks are getting screwed! While the median income of Americans has declined in each of the last ten years, the elite banksters, politicians, and bureaucrats, are laughing as they deposit their ill-gotten gains in foreign banks.

Introduction, Propaganda, Economic Dominance, the Environment, Social Policy, Banking & the FRS, Wars & the Middle East, Energy policy, Socialism on the Rise, American Public Education, Race & Gender, Mainstream Media, The Mandarins, The Managers, How they Play Us, The Economy Now, Why the Plan.

If you were ever in doubt about whom, why, where this government is about, and what the inevitable outcome will be, you need to read this book!

ISBN 9781937550607
229 pages

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