Learn to Navigate and Negotiate the Emotional issues in Marriage

by Rebecca Fuller Ward, MSW, LCSW

Rebecca Ward has specialized in relationship therapy for over thirty-five years. In this book, she shares much of what she has learned from the thousands of hours she has spent with the individuals, couples and families who have come into her office for therapy. She has distilled the experiences of her practice and the years of study into a very helpful and readable book. Don?t let its size fool you. This book is condensed to encourage reading, and it is dense with meaningful information with which all couples should identify and find greatly useful in working on their marriages. Rebecca clarifies complex emotional and relational issues and gives concrete solutions. Not just a descriptive self-help book, this one offers how-to direction as well. In this second edition of How To Stay Married Without Going Crazy, the reader will learn: ? How to communicate more effectively, ? Why you have had difficulty communicating from the start, ? The Golden Rule of Marriage and how practicing it can reduce marital discord, ? How our families of origin (FOO) program us for our marital behavior, ? Why you have conflict about time and money, ? There IS sex after marriage, ? How to collaborate so marriage becomes both a source of comfort and a catalyst for continued growth for both partners, and ? How infidelity affects marriage and the choices it presents.

ISBN 9781568251677
116 pages

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