Capturing Africa with Pen, Lens, and Paintbrush

by Fred Krakowiak

With a Foreword by Dr. Laurie Marker, DPhil,
Founder/Executive Director of the Cheetah Conservation Fund

In his beautiful new book, The Artist's Safari (Maverick Brush Strokes, May 2012, $40.00), leading nature and wildlife artist/safari expert, Fred Krakowiak, takes the reader on a journey through his personal stories, photos, and paintings from the bush. Based on his numerous adventures to various regions of Africa, Krakowiak captures the mystery and spirit of this amazing continent both visually and in word. In addition, he highlights the endangerment of these magnificent animals, reminding us of their intricate ecosystems, and the importance of working together to protect the nature and culture of wild Africa.

Follow Krakowiak and his guides as they witness the tender bonding of a newly born giraffe and its mother, opposite the ferocious ambush of its adult counterpart by a pride of lions and a parade of scavengers. Spend the afternoon with silverback gorillas in their mountaintop paradise or explore an abandoned leopard's lair and document what its contents reveal about the patterns and rhythms of life. Accompany Krakowiak to a village in Zimbabwe where he encourages eager school children to capture the animals as they see them on paper.

Filled with breathtaking artwork and the onsite photos that inspired them, The Artist's Safari is a feast for those who dream of going to Africa, long to return, or simply just enjoy the beauty and natural wonder of this amazing place.

ISBN 9780978708412
144 pages

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