to Help Parents Help Their Children

by Peggy L. Forster

The child who knows the letters of the alphabet is ready to learn the sound of each letter. Letter Sounds to Help Parents Help Their Children, created by 18-year teaching veteran Peggy L. Forster, is a work-with book that is filled with colorful pictures of animals, toys, food, things you wear, things you use, things that grow, and other things that are familiar to preschoolers. There are questions that will focus attention on the letter sound being learned and answers to those questions at the bottom of the page (to help make the parent look good).

The lessons are visual and verbal. No writing is involved, but the involvement of a parent, grandparent, or older sibling is essential. That?s why it?s called a work-with book, not a workbook.

For the child who is learning English as a second language (ESL), the picture pages can add immeasurably to his or her vocabulary. At least 250 words are needed to identify pictures and complete the exercises.

ISBN 9781568251646
58 pages

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