12 Universal Values Your Child Must Learn to Succeed in Life

by Karen Szillat

All parents and teachers of young children want them to grow up to be happy, successful, contributing members of society. But how do you teach your child to care about other people and the world they live in, while encouraging peaceful resolutions to problems and confidence in trying new things?
This book shows you how to:
? Focus on the values that adults agree are important for all children to learn.
? Build a foundation with the basic blocks of safety, health, and effective communication skills.
? Challenge children while building community, problem-solving, and educating them about the world around them.
? Integrate the values of respect, responsibility, and courage, as well as honesty, caring, and trust into activities that can be duplicated by parents and teachers alike.
? Empower children to take action in their everyday lives in a variety of ways.
Karen helps young children and their parents to see that they do not have to wait to become an adult to make a difference in the world.

ISBN 9781938686290
306 pages

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