How to Focus on Solutions

by E.M. Hanley

Wouldn't it be great if every time you ran into a problem you could just say No Problem! I can handle this
and feel sure that things would be okay. No Problem! gives you easy to use and easy to understand information that helps you focus on solutions. And enjoy a No Problem! life.
The author Elizabeth Hanley reviews and explains in simple terms what the best-selling self-help authors say about problem solving. Authors such as Dr. Phil McGraw, Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Susan Jeffers, Dale Carnegie, M. Scott Peck and many more. Hanley has grouped their advice under four simple tips so that you will be able to easily recall their words of wisdom. Using these tips will help you embrace that No Problem! feeling when things go wrong. No Problem! includes real life examples that show you how these tips can work in your life. Use any one of the tips and you will improve your problem solving ability. Using all four tips will lead you to solutions.

ISBN 9780615634999
208 pages

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