As Real Women Talk About the Gifts and Challenges of Aging

by Kendra T. Brown, Ph.D.

A self-help, pro-aging book for women of all ages.

Millions of women who shaped our nation are now leading a wave of aging adults. These women started the sexual revolution, marched for civil rights, broke the glass ceiling, ran for President and went to war. They could ? and did ? do it all. So, why have many of these capable women stopped thriving mid-stream, as if everything worthwhile is behind them?

Dr. Kendra Brown asked a group of interesting women to meet with her regularly and examine this perplexing question. Their meetings over three years became sources of support and empowerment for the members as they pondered topics of love and loss, obstacles and opportunities, surprises and sticky situations.

Listen in with the Eavesdropper to their lively discussions filled with honesty, wisdom and lots of laughter. They make this book a page-turner for the reader and encourage all of us to continue reaching for our fullest potential ? regardless of age.

ISBN 9781568251370
128 pages

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