by Meritta S. White

One day the earth shook.

Buildings swayed and fell. Then a voice was heard. It was loud, off-key and UNWAVERING.

In this poignant parable about the power of the human spirit, the town grows increasingly annoyed by P?ngh?s incessant singing. Whenever P?ngh (pronounced ?Ping?) sings, people SHOUT: ?P?ngh, please, PLEASE don?t sing!!? But when external forces?an earthquake?threaten to silence P?ngh?s unusual voice forever, it is then that the town realizes P?ngh?s greatest gift.

Please Don?t Sing! is a story for children 4 to 7 years old. Any child who has suffered a loss, been teased for being different, or whose passion has been quelled by ridicule or discouragement, will be touched by P?ngh?s blissful ignorance and everlasting spirit. The colorful, hand drawn illustrations, as well as the fun and repetitive text lighten the mood of this unique interpretation of the gift of the human spirit. Young children are bound to follow along and shout, ?P?ngh, please don?t sing!? But despite its easy text, Please Don?t Sing! is a mighty lesson in a short story (250 words)?that is, the human spirit lives forever!

The book is dedicated in part ?to the lost loved ones and survivors of the world?s natural disasters.?

ISBN 9780985106508
32 pages

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