by Devin A. Robinson

We change our minds almost daily. What should we wear, what should we eat? These small mind changes are often to seek a better result. Even though we seek to obtain better results, applying these mind changes to more significant or life-changing areas of our lives rarely occurs. When we think on the word degree, we think on levels. Degrees describe temperatures. Types of degrees describe academic intelligence. Degrees also describe the direction on a compass. Place these degrees in our lives and we should be able to determine an overall assessment of ourselves. Are we on a high scale with good thoughts? How intelligent are our actions? What is the direction of our destiny? (Thoughts, actions, destiny.) Changing Your Mind One Degree at a Time places the two concepts together and helps you to construct a plan. If you know it's time to change your mind, then do it. If your azimuth needs to change direction, then change it. This book will help guide your transition smoothly in a 180-day journey producing a 180-degree turn in your life. Once your mind is changed and you receive a new degree, your life will take you to levels you've never experienced before.

ISBN 9780978817428
150 pages

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