by Tara Casalino

"Coming out of the woods was the other group of bandits, and stalking in front of them was a huge beast. The scout was right; it did look like nothing more than a very large dog. All sense of wrongness and danger emanated from it?even the bandits gave it a wide berth.
It stopped some distance away. As it slowly stood on its hind legs to survey the field, I could feel fear quickly incapacitating the captain?s men. The creature would have to die quickly, or it would be only we Guardians against all the bandits."

A moment?s anger. A Singer?s fear. Opened the door for evil to enter the world.

Will Guardians for the Light, posing as simple mercenaries, be willing to sacrifice everything in the most pivotal battle of their lives to defeat the Enemy? As the epic battle of good versus evil approaches, friends and foes converge, but who is who? A mysterious woman might be humanity?s last chance. Are love, loyalty, hope and faith strong enough to conquer hate?

ISBN 9781935586555
191 pages

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