by Cathy Clay

Agatta Lugar arrived at No. 51 Dauphine Street Madam Zuline Clovis's Bordello, in 1884 on Valentine's Day; she was fourteen years old. Since then three years had passed and she had become one of Clovis's most prosperous harlots. Specializing in women of color, Madam Clovis had operated a successful New Orleans assignation hose for seventeen years. With Agatta as a prized acquisition, her trade, her trade grew all the more lucrative for the later of her region.

A Spellbinding tale beautifully rendered about spiritual liberation. A young prostitute, Agatta Lugar, must confront a horrific past and an unstable present. During her odyssey of self-discovery, she finds romance, sisterhood, and salvation. Set in New Orleans during the tumultuous late 19th Century, Agatta enters a season that will irrevocably alter the course of her life.

ISBN 9780976135203
267 pages

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