Practical Steps for Getting the Sweetness Back When Life Goes Sour

by Janet D. Thomas

When the going gets tough, the tough...make lemonade.

At least that's what author Janet Thomas did. She had her share of life's lemons, from sexual abuse to clinical depression to obesity and beyond. She could have just decided to pitch her tent in the citrus section of life's grocery store and succumbed to the sour - but she didn't. Instead she turned her life around, then examined what she learned and turned to help others. The power of Janet's presence in these written words awakens and energizes your inherent desire to love and lift yourself.

Using the metaphor of making lemonade, Lemons,Lemonade & Life gently guides you through a unique process of discovering:
...what it is you want
...why you don't yet have it, and, most importantly
...how you can turn those things your currently perceive as anchors dragging you down into resources for launching yourself upward.

Whatever your challenges, Lemons, Lemonade & Life uniquely inspires and encourages healing and wholeness. Anything you find as a block can be addressed and transformed using Janet's positive, self-supportive approach. As her words, thoughts and techniques kindle the flame of confidence deep within, you will find yourself:
- Improving you physical health
- Releasing yourself from addiction
- Dropping unwanted weight
- Discovering how to develop your natural gifts and talents
- Seeing things you have constantly struggled with despair at ease
- Attracting new friends
- Enjoying healthier relationships
- Gaining the ability to attract abundance into your life
- and much, much more

Many books are useful because they present familiar ideas in a different way. This book is invaluable because it demonstrates looking at life in a different way. No matter what lemons you may have been given, this is the key for using them as key ingredients for finding your true, best self and restoring sweetness to your experience of life every day.

ISBN 9780984026463
160 pages

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