by Charles Locy

?What?s in The Well Comes Up in The Bucket? is a book which deals with personal growth and development. The metaphor of The Well reflects what is deep inside all of us. It describes how our thoughts and emotions end up in our well. Much of those thoughts are our reaction to the thoughts and words of others. And we either reinforce those thoughts or cleanse them.

The bucket represents what comes out of our well by the way we speak, act, and think. We are always in control, whether we realize it not.

The story is also a personal and transformational journey: a journey of discovery and awareness that each us must undertake in order to answer our personal questions about our lives, our purpose, and our passion. The truth will not make you free. It is only when we know the truth, can we be free. And knowing the truth is vital. We are all creatures of habit. And once we realize these habits control our thoughts and actions the truth about ourselves will be revealed to us. Then we have a choice to make: to live by our truth or by our habits.

ISBN 9781935586272
283 pages

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