Maffilu in The Castle of The Bees

by Dafne Nesti

Over what we see, behind our everyday material world, there are other dimensions and different worlds parallel to Earth. Maffilu is the Princess of the flowers, from the dimension of Flowerworld.

One day, Maffilu and her two faithful protectors, Brutus and Attila, furtively escape to Planet Earth. They become lost on earth with seven lives to find their way back home. Maffilu has no memory of who she is, on Earth Brutus and Attila become dogs and are unable to tell Maffilu the importance of her mission.

As princess of Flowerworld, Maffilu is the only one assigned to send flowers into the Universe, in the exact quantity and proper season. She is the one responsible for the beauty here on Earth and in her own dimension. If she doesn?t find her way back to Flowerworld in this seventh and last life (where she is in her early twenties and lives in the city of Los Angeles) the entire Universe will lose all its flowers.


In order to go back to Flowerworld Maffilu has to find first the Precious Light, cause of Maffilu?s loss of memories.

ZEUS (Sir Little Charles).

Zeus guides Maffilu on her way back home. In Flowerworld, Zeus is the wisest of all of Maffilu?s protectors, adviser of the Royal Crown and a magician. On earth, Zeus became Maffilu?s childhood dog, to be next to her in each life. In the first episode of Maffilu adventures, ?Maffilu in the Castle of the bees? Zeus appeals to the Superior Court to receive permission to visit Maffilu, and tell her about who she is and to give her three Magical Powers so that she could find the Precious Light anywhere. Maffilu will receive her powers from the Castle of the Bees. The Castle of the bees decided to collaborate in the name of the old bond between the two kingdoms.

ISBN 9780578069111
54 pages

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