19 Traits of The Most Admirable, Creative and Joyous People

by Donald Van de Mark

What Makes Some High Achievers Great Human Beings?

Donald Van de Mark spent more than 25 years interviewing prominent people for CNN and CNBC. He discovered that some people aren't just successful, they're extraordinary. And more, these people share many of the same traits.

Confirming the theories of psychologist Abraham Maslow, Van de Mark brings to life 19 specific personality traits that you can develop to join the great and the good. You'll discover how to

- Achieve more success in all facets of life
- Think more creatively and make better choices
- Experience the personal payoff of creativity, serenity, and joy
- Not just reach your goals but "delight in the doing"

"I've always wondered why we admire certain people and finally someone has explained why...The best part is, Donald gives us practical ways to be more like them!"
?Joan Rivers

"Read this book and learn things you never knew--all of which will help you live a better life and one of consequence."
?Bill Bradley, former U.S. Senator

ISBN 9780984606122
280 pages

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