by Tom Lumbrazo and Carol Lumbrazo

Tom and Carol Lumbrazo are authors, artists, and photographers based in Roseville, California. During their 43 years together, including careers in government and business, they have discovered the meaning to their lives. After Tom's near-death experiences in 2001, their lives began to evolve in many ways. This transformation led to writing books about the hidden messages they discovered in the clouds, rocks and sidewalks, as well as other paranormal events. Their earlier, 2009 book, A Journey to the Clouds, and this book, Faces of the Universe, exhibit their talent for bringing these messages to all of us. These books uniquely demonstrate for us that there is more to our world than we imagined. After reading their books, how can we not look up at the clouds or not look down at the sidewalks and rocks? Tom and Carol's wish is that all of us can experience the messages and meanings captured within the landscape and atmosphere of our planet.

ISBN 9780979510762
284 pages

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