How to Repeal Investment Income Taxes, Avoid a Value-Added Tax, and Still Balance the Budget

by S. Douglas Hopkins

Is America Headed for Financial Collapse?

America is in the midst of recession following collapse of a financial asset bubble created by Cronyism between the governing political classes and Wall Street. Yet Congress has just initiated the largest expansion of government in the nation?s history. How are we going to pay for it?

Are you aware that:
? America?s Progressive Tax Structure is a Myth
? The federal tax burden on the working middle class is more than twice as high as that imposed upon the ?idle rich?

America has become A Nation of Liars. From the Right and the Left, the Political Class spends its time willfully distorting the facts and protecting the status quo while ignoring the challenging problems of leadership and governance and the financial disaster which looms on the horizon.

Authored in the tradition of pre-revolutionary political pamphlets, A Citizen?s 2% Solution presents an analysis of the nature and causes of Congressional dysfunction and issues a Call to Arms to American Citizens from both parties to:
1 - Demand a return to honest discourse in public policy discussions, and
2 - Initiate debate aimed toward achieving Rational and Equitable Tax Reform
Read it first. Then send copies to the Editor of your favorite periodical, your Congressman and the White House.

S. Douglas Hopkins, co-author of Crafting Solutions for Troubled Businesses and founder and President of Kestrel Consulting, LLC, a crisis management and turnaround consulting firm, presents his self-assigned civics project. Applying a disciplined analytical and diagnostic approach developed during nearly thirty years working with troubled companies, he presents an open-minded and provocative new perspective toward the political process and the challenge of restoring fiscal sanity to America?s budget policies.

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ISBN 9780982832806
226 pages

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