5 Things You Must Know before Anesthesia

by Bary Friedberg M.D.

Getting Over Going Under explains The Friedberg Method of Goldilocks Anesthesia in detail. It outlines how you can have your anesthesiologist more effectively keep you or your loved ones sedated and comfortable using 21st century care and it also reveals the shortcomings of 20th century anesthesia. It details the reasons for patient discomfort and worrisome side effects and how they can be eliminated. And it clearly shows what you, the patient can do to promote having your anesthesiologist use Goldilocks Anesthesia for cosmetic and other surgeries.

The Friedberg Method was developed in 1992 and enhanced with the addition of the brain monitor to become Goldilocks anesthesia.? More than 5,000 of Dr. Friedberg?s patients ? and he, himself, when he had hip surgery ? have enjoyed its many benefits. If you or a loved one are facing surgery of any kind, this book will assist you in assuring the safest and best possible outcome with your anesthesia experience.

Read this book and take the knowledge on it?s pages to your Doctor so that you can greatly benefit from having a brain monitor used with when anesthesia is needed.

ISBN 9780982916902
132 pages

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