by Robert Mueller

Don't Just Analyze: Strategize!

Bullying Bosses are relentlessly anti-personal. They're about power, conquest and control, not either production or personal connection. They are creatures of malice, requiring not our psychoanalysis, but political scrutiny leading to strategy and action.

Politics exists, and it's rude, but fortunately its mechanisms for functioning are known. That's what this book is about: political tactics and strategies?the Workplace Warrior's swords and shields, with hundreds of concrete suggestions. It's about becoming fully conscious; then working for the win, that is life itself.

Discover how to:

? Protect against Bullying Bosses who challenge employees; and others who doubt.

? Discover and groom supporters, when once feeling seemingly alone.

? Build a case against the Bullying Boss that management can respect.

? Collect potent data. Identify fact patterns. Utilize or duck elements as appropriate.

? Craft a strategic plan on a kitchen table using note cards as analytical tools.

? Shift from being tossed about by events, to becoming one director of them.

? Grow beyond workplace turmoil into a state of clarity, strength and grace. "

ISBN 9780976829300
283 pages

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