by C.R. Partridge, Ph.D.

What can loving, concerned parents do to enhance their children s character development? What can be done to help kids who are already out of control? Included in Building Character Skills in the Out-of-Control Child: *How Inaccurate Diagnoses Fail Children and Their Families *The Importance of Character Skills, Competence and Lasting Self-Esteem *How Character Skills Differ from Moral/Religious Values *How to Recognize the Signs of Immature Character Development *The Four Cornerstones of Character Development *How and When the Seeds of Immature Character Development Are Sown *The Importance of Balance in Character Development *When and How to Re-balance, Set Limits and Take Action *Frantic Limit-Testing, Hyperactivity and Medications *How to Avoid Destructive Compassion with Disabled Children *Immature Character Development and Substance Abuse in Teens *The Effect of Immature Character Development on the Classroom *Distinguishing Between Learning Disabilities and Character Flaws *School Strategies That Work for Parents and Teachers Includes Resources, Recommended Reading and an Index.

ISBN 9781568251189
230 pages

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