by Phil Nicks

Love Entrepreneurs ~ Cross-Culture Relationship Deals In Thailand is a guide book for expats, visitors to Asia and anyone considering romance in Southeast Asia.

The book concerns contractual cross-culture relationships, from legally-manacled partnerships and commercial affairs, to ?quid pro quo? liaisons and unadulterated customer-oriented sensory engagements.

Phil Nicks investigates the various types of contractual relationships between foreigners and Asians with an emphasis on law and money. The book is full of entertaining and sometimes shocking cautionary tales, and guidelines for novice entrepreneurs d?amour.

Love Entrepreneurs includes a contact directory featuring dating websites, introduction agencies and government offices, as well as an alphabetical index. Research material comprises interviews with well-known residents of Thailand, such as authors Jerry Hopkins, Warren Olson and Barry Sandal.

This book is well-researched and comprehensive, spanning the sex industry and matrimony (home and away); Thailand?s gay scene; transsexuals; and relationship opportunities for foreign women in Southeast Asia. The appendix even contains specimen legal contracts to safeguard assets from crafty predators.

Genius of Love ~ Transnational Sensation, also written by Phil Nicks, reveals the other side of the story - about unconditional true love in cross-culture relationships.

ISBN 9786169033608
296 pages

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