by Phil Nicks

Tricksters and Punks of Asia is an ingenious and humorous guide for ambitious individuals who value freedom, wisdom, creativity and the pleasures of life.

The introduction focuses on the philosophy and psychology of punk, the archetypal trickster, and outsiders from an international perspective. Punks and tricksters exist in every culture and on every continent.

Phil Nicks retells ancient folk tales from Burma, Laos, Thailand, The Philippines and China. These stories reveal wisdom in an entertaining way. Nicks also recounts contemporary trickster stories under the categories of business, love and spirituality.

Tricksters are the most entertaining of folklore heroes. They are cunning and provocative cheats, lustful fornicators, highly resourceful magicians and proponents of unmitigated audacity. Some of the world?s cleverest tricksters live in Asia.

Learn new tricks in the game of love and money, and creative shortcuts to success and ecstasy. Finally, let?s not overlook the wisdom we reap as we chuckle over these quirky trickster tales. Who says learning can?t be great fun?

ISBN 9786169033622
248 pages

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