A 24-Week Inspirational Guide to Weight Loss and Wellness

by Marnie Dominy, M.S.

With my Choosing Your Healthy Path program, your are the navigator and driver, and you control the wheel. You'll improve your health; increase your fitness level; reduce your need for some prescription medications; benefit from deeper, more restorative sleep; and enhance your sex life. Did I forget to say you'll have FUN during the process? You will! Whether you form a weight loos club or go it alone, you will find the tools you need for improved health and wellness.

Inside the book, you will learn how to:
-Form and organize a weight loss club
-Change behaviors for weight loss success
-Design your own diet plan to enhance weight loss
-Create your own fitness and exercise plan
-Recognize how sugar sabotages your health and weight loss goals
-Identify stress and adrenal fatigue and how they affect the management of your weight and fitness levels
-Eat wisely in social situations and enjoy yourself immensely
-Set weight loss goals and STICK TO THEM!

ISBN 9780984149735
247 pages

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