by Jim Hake

Help the Cause provides 101 ways you can make a difference in Afghanistan. You?ll discover how you can reach around the world to help the Afghan people and increase the safety, well-being and success of our troops.

Help the Cause is about initiative, optimism and service. It shows you how to help Afghan women earn a living with microloans and business training; how to give clothing, blankets and shoes to Afghan children; and, how to support education and job creation.

Help the Cause is also a handbook for supporting our troops. You?ll learn how to assist a Soldier who is helping Afghan women become midwives. You?ll read how to support a Marine who is providing solar-powered radios that open remote villages to the world and another who is supplying schools for children previously denied an education. You?ll find new ways to care for our troops in Afghanistan and those who have served.

Daniel Henninger, The Wall Street Journal: ?The American people can play an extraordinary role in achieving a positive outcome in Afghanistan. Help the Cause shows how we can do it.?

Ambassador Mark Palmer, co-founder, National Endowment for Democracy: ?Help the Cause is about people, not politics. The stories are hopeful and extraordinary. You?ll find yourself wanting to support dozens of these efforts.?

Senator John McCain: ?The war in Afghanistan can be won. Success can be achieved. Americans who want to support our troops and their Afghan partners should read Help the Cause. This book is filled with important, concrete ways that all Americans can contribute to the mission and strengthen our fighting men and women who are leading it. Help the Cause is an invaluable guide to giving the necessary support that makes all the difference.?

Marcus Luttrell, former Navy SEAL; Author, Lone Survivor: "The greatest weapon in our arsenal on the battlefield is the support of the local people and their military. I personally learned that when a Pashtun tribe kept me safe and harbored me from the enemy. Americans can support those serving and our Afghan counterparts through the projects and organizations highlighted in "Help the Cause". These projects are essential to building relationships that help local populations and those serving in harm?s way. "

1st Lieutenant Michael Kuiper, U.S. Marine Corps: ?The support of the American people means everything to us on the front lines in Afghanistan. Many family and friends ask what they can do. Help the Cause describes specific ways you can both help us and the Afghan people we are working with.?

Peter Ackerman, Chairman Emeritus, Freedom House: ?We all seek an Afghanistan that is peaceful, tolerant and free. This book shows how you can help achieve that goal.?

ISBN 9781616585273
232 pages

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