Create Success, Abundance and Inner Joy you Deserve

by Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D.

Flora Morris Brown wants to share with you the secrets to happiness. Better yet, they are not so much secrets as manageable common sense changes you can make in your life to help you feel happier, more successful, and more fulfilled. While many of Brown?s messages resonate with what other self-help gurus have said about positive thinking, Brown provides an upbeat reinforcement with some great practical activities and colorful personal examples that bring to the forefront the wonderful achievements that can be made when people improve their attitudes and prioritize what is really important to them.

?Color Your Life Happy? is the kind of book you can open anywhere to receive great advice and an instant boost in your positive attitude. Brown gives us numerous clues of ways to improve our attitudes from focusing on a positive moment in the past, to reprioritizing our goals, and avoiding the toxic people who pull us into negativity. Brown does not simply give us advice. She also provides several activities, some thoughtful and others fun yet insightful to help us achieve the outlook on life that leads to happiness.

ISBN 9780984149704
213 pages

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