by Sharon Edwards

It's so perfect, this life they have made together - Andy, Marian, and their little son, Aaron. After having spent years searching for what he has now, Andy doesn't for a minute take any of it for granted. And Marian would do anything for her husband and son.

Marian has fears, though, from the loss of her parents when she was young and the death of her grandfather. She knows all too well how suddenly life can change and joy turn to sorrow. She is torn between her need to watch over her son and her desire to be with her husband when he is touring with the rock band, Blue Sky. And he wonders sometimes about the wisdom of bringing her into this lifestyle, of marrying someone so much younger than he. But their love runs so deep and the days when they are apart seem long.

Then, another man comes into her life. A ruthless man, a man who wants her. A man who will stop at nothing to get what he desires. A man who has the power to destroy everything her husband has spent his life building, and even, she fears, Andy himself. Certain of how randy would react if he knew about the man's advances, Marian believes she has no choice but to handle the situation herself, carefully keeping him at bay, walking a tightrope. Praying that Andy never finds out. But this man has the patience of a serpent as he maneuvers her, counting on her love for her husband, slowly bringing his plans together.

ISBN 9781890427245
433 pages

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