by Mary Pat Faley

Winning in Tennis and Life is your own personal blueprint for healthy living. Healthy living includes putting you at the top of your game for your own personal health. You will see some unbelievable examples of that in this book.
Are you at the top of your game? Are you the victim of stress in your job or your life? Are you overeating? Do you get enough exercise? Do you have an addiction? Do you have the strategies to follow your hopes and dreams? This book will be your resource to help you in all aspects of your health, your tennis or your life.

For so many people, life?s lessons seem to be learned while they are on the tennis court. How you play tennis, is usually how you act in your life.

Tennis is a sport for your lifetime.

If you read this book, you will have the knowledge to win in both tennis and life. Your life and your tennis will move forward and change.

This book is divided into three sections:
? The Game of Health
? The Game of Tennis
? The Game of Life

The book will show you step-by-step how to execute the following:
? Take care and be in charge of your own overall health.
? Eat well balanced and healthy foods. Know what you are eating.
? Exercise daily. Make it your goal to be more physically fit.
? Improve your tennis by implementing, ?tennis is as easy as 1, 2, 3.?
? Develop your winning strategies in singles, doubles and life.
? Learn the ?secret? of how to focus, for tennis and life.
? Embrace change, no matter what form in comes in.
? Develop better leadership qualities, and improve self-confidence & self-esteem.
? Manifest your future. The sky is the limit!

ISBN 9781890427474
368 pages

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