by Adrienne Lance Lucas

New book feeds youngsters? curiosity about how their parents prepared for their arrival. This heartwarming narrative with African American characters and spiritual connections gives in-depth and comprehensive insight into the minds and hearts of soon-to-be-parents, leading up to the birth of their child. It also contains answers to questions that children typically ask once they are old enough to understand they were once inside "mommy?s tummy."

Before You Arrived is the brainchild of Adrienne Lance Lucas, the mother of a 6 and a half-year-old son. By the time her son was five, Lucas was answering countless questions like, "Mommy, what was it like when I was in your belly?" Eventually, Lance Lucas felt compelled to answer these questions and more in a book written to share her experiences as an expectant mother with her own son and other children. Before You Arrived is written from a mother?s perspective, as she addresses her unborn child. She anxiously awaited his or her birth, telling them that mommy and daddy dreamed and prayed about their life before they were born.

Before You Arrived is a great 24 page family bedtime story for children ages 4 to 7. Parents of younger children will enjoy watching the excitement expressed on their child?s face as they substitute his/her name for the word "you" in the title. Early readers will enjoy the rhythmic pace and lyrical repetition of the text which contributes to building their confidence as they read. The book?s lavish and elaborate images of African American characters are drawings adapted from Lance Lucas?s own personal collection of family photos and are interpreted by illustrator Tracy McCutchion.

Lucas has created an imaginative and touching account, conveying an age-old message that both expectant parents can relate and children can learn. Now little ones can see how they were loved and cared for before they were even born.

ISBN 9780976957102
24 pages

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