Beat the language Barrier

by Joanne Smith and Ev Luceris

Travel Made EZ is truly easy. It gives you pictures of many common items you need while traveling. Let's face it - when you can;t understand the road signs in a foreigh country, how are you going to buy a skirt or pair of pants for that special sidetrip or order a glass of wine to celebrate? With Travel Made EZ all you have to do is follow the colored tabs to find the picture of what you want, point to the picture and possibly the color and say "please and "thank you" in the languages provided. The words have phonetic clues to pronunciation. You might still pack your big bulky phrase books, but for every day life on the street and int he cafes, restaurants and stores, you should be fine with Travel Make EZ.

ISBN 978142309283
100 pages
Spiral Bound

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