An accurate chronology of future events -based solely on correlated prophecies- taken from scriptures in the Holy Bible

by John Wallace Carter

This is the most accurate book on Bible prophecy ever published. It shows readers the chronological order of significant future events based solely on Bible prophecy. Included are Judge Carter's five rules for correct interpretation of the Bible: 1. Since God is a God of truth, accept liberally what the Bible says. Do not accept what someone has written who quotes scriptures. 2. Read Bible scriptures in the context of the entire chapter. Do not quote scriptures standing alone and out of context, to try to prove a fallacious point. 3. In studying Bible prophecies assume that the same terms used in different chapters are pointing to the same future event. 4. Understand that slight variation of information when comparing scriptures in two different Bible chapters which deal with the same subject matter is useful supplemental material. It does not usually indicate a different topic. 5. Never interpret a current event as fulfillment of a specific Bible prophecy, where there is any variation in the specific language of the Bible prophecy and the current event.

ISBN 9781892525956
174 pages

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