by Jill Stover

Setting out on her first trail ride, this cowgirl has a lot to learn, and Hot Tamale is just the horse to teach her. Riding through rain and sun and hunger and wild critters, the resourceful young heroine of The Trail Ride steadily gains the confidence and skill to handle whatever difficulty is thrown in her path.

Through glowing illustrations and the delightful voice of a native Texan, Jill Stover shares her own story of exploration, challenge, and discovery on the trail.

Jill Stover's childhood memories of South Texas provided the inspiration for this story. Trail rides were a treasured summer experience. "The natural environment in Texas can be rather harsh," she says. "There are rattlesnakes, fire ants, prickly plants, and extreme heat. But there are also sturdy horses, faithful dogs, big skies, and trails leading to magical, unexplored places." Jill now lives in Beverly Massachusetts with her husband, two daughters, faithful dog, and alas, no horse. The Trail Ride is her third book. Her other books are Alamo Across Texas and Popsicle Pony.

For more information about the author visit her website, Jill Stover.

ISBN 9780975260302
26 pages

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