Two Against the Sahara

by Babs Suzanne Harrison & Staefan Eduard Rada

Babs and Staefan met on a blind date. Within weeks they had thrown themselves into the heart of the Sahara in search of adventure. Through seas of powdery sand, blinding sandstorms, moon-like vistas of naked lava, freezing nights and scorching days, a thousand miles of isolation and desolation, they forged ahead, their compass pegged on due south. If they made it home alive, would they still be speaking to each other? Deep in the Sahara, Babs and Staefan joined Moulay for a communal bowl of couscous on the rug floor of his oasis home. In Niger, Doulah, a Fulani nomad, invited them to his mud hut for sweet tea and offals. The police in Burkina Faso detained them for running security roadblocks; in Togo, a border guard accused them of shooting John F. Kennedy! From Tunis to Togo, Babs and Staefan crossed the skull of Africa, a 3500-mile odyssey through five countries, across half a continent coming face to face with some of the most grueling poverty in the world...An unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime adventure. 24 photos.


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