by Roberta Kalechofsky & Rosa Rasiel

Joyful and practical, includes advice about where to find vegetarian pareve products, how to make tofu delicious, and how to store and cook beans and grains. Written in the spirit of Isaiah's Blessing: "May you enjoy the good things of the earth." Like: Marinated Plum Tomatoes, Passover Vegetable Nut Loaf, Vegetarian Kishke, Passover Pizza, Cauliflower Shepherd's Pie, Eggless Challah, Gloden Glow Shabbat Soup, Banana Fudge Roll, and No-bake Chocolate Matzoh Roll. As the world grows smaller and people intermingle at unprecedented rates, vegan food is the best social cement there is, an invitation to all Jews to rejoice at the same holiday table, and an ambassador to all cultures.

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ISBN 9780916288433
216 pages

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