Written by a woman who loves women

by Robbie Lee

The Straight Man s Pocket Guide To Picking Up A Hottie-Written by a Woman Who Loves Women will teach straight men a new approach to find,meet, date, understand, and appreciate the woman of his dreams, his hottie. Men no longer have to settle for less. The Hottie Pocket Guide will also teach men how to keep that hottie, provide tips on how to improve his overall appearance and identify conversational subjects that will give them confidence to approach the hottie they desire. The Hottie Pocket Guide is intended to teach men how to appreciate women,respect them, how to fully enjoy their company and truly understand them. It is not a book to teach men a pick-up line or a new game. The Hottie Pocket Guide gives men the opportunity to learn behavior modification and give her what she wants. It doesn't mean that men can't be who they are but realize who they are with respect to whom they want. You can't pick up a hottie on Rodeo drive in a dirty t-shirt and flip flops. Most men think quantity is highly desirable; meaning dating or sleeping with a lot of women. Really, the focus should be on quality. This way as men interact with the women they truly desire, it will ultimately lead them to finding a suitable mate. The majority of men and women seek a long lasting loving relationship (eventually) with someone they get along with and are truly attracted to and can have amazing fun together. The Straight Man's Pocket Guide to Picking Up A Hottie-Written by a Woman Who Loves Women is also a great read for women;women who want to know what they are missing out on and not be afraid to ask for what they want from their man.

ISBN 9780615203911
176 pages

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