Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

by Jerold J. Kreisman & Hal Straus

Do you experience frightening, often violent mood swings that make you fear for your sanity? Are you often depressed? Do you engage in self-destructive behaviors such as drug or alcohol abuse, anorexia, compulsive eating, self-cutting, and hair pulling? Do you feel empty inside, or as if you don?t know who you are? Do you dread being alone and fear abandonment? Do you have trouble finishing projects, keeping a job, or forming lasting relationships?

If you or someone you love answered yes to the majority of these questions, there?s a good chance that you or that person suffers from borderline personality disorder, a commonly misunderstood and misdiagnosed psychological problem afflicting tens of millions of people. Princess Diana was one of the most well-known BPD sufferers.

As a source of hope and practical advice for BPD sufferers and those who love them, this new book by Dr. Jerold J. Kreisman and Hal Straus, bestselling authors of I Hate You, Don?t Leave Me, offers proven techniques that help you:

Manage mood swings
Develop lasting relationships
Improve your self-esteem
Keep negative thoughts at bay
Control destructive impulses
Understand your treatment options
Find professional help

ISBN 9780471222866
256 pages

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