A Guide to Giving A Child That Edge to Succeed!

by Donna Kristine Manley

Q: How many parents you know think of developing a resume for their child who is a teenager, 11, 9, or even 6 years old?

A: Probably very few. Perhaps it?s because many just don?t know where to begin and what to document. Or, maybe it never occurred to them that someone so young could or should have a resume.

This phenomenal book, Resumes for Children ? 17 Years Old and Under, is a guide for capturing a child?s gifts, talents, abilities, interests, training, and much, much more. The author, Donna Kristine Manley (Kris), provides examples on how to develop and use this important and valuable document. Also included in this book are sample cover letters and references.

A resume for your child:

-Paints a clear picture of what that child is capable of.
-Tremendously boosts his or her self-esteem.
-Can accompany an application for entrance into a special school, program, camp, or competition.

ISBN 9780977783502
100 pages

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