As The World Turns: Developing Ideal Employees in a Global Market

by Edward S. Brown III

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Beyond Buzzwords - Hardcover

by Ray Friant

The central focus of Beyond Buzzwords is to justify the many compelling reasons for organizations to do a Total Organization Analysis every four to six years. In making the case, turnaround expert R...       more...

ISBN 9781425704629

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Beyond Buzzwords - Softcover

by Ray Friant

The central focus of Beyond Buzzwords is to justify the many compelling reasons for organizations to do a Total Organization Analysis every four to six years. In making the case, turnaround expert R...       more...

ISBN 9780978684709

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Chasing Frank Lloyd Wright

His Life and Mine, Intertwined
by Conrad N. Brown

Part memoir, part architectural history, Chasing Frank Lloyd Wright will interest architecture buffs, local historians, KU alumni, students and anyone who enjoys a lively coming-of-age tale. Set in th...       more...

ISBN 9780976990376

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Chronicles of SIR VIVAL, The

Customer Service Under Siege
by Joan Fox

Why another book on customer service?... because customer service still stinks! Despite earnest efforts to improve service over the last decade, customers remain seriously disappointed undermining org...       more...

ISBN 9780979788000

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Free Agent Marketing Guide, The

by Douglas Florzak

Looking to increase your profits 10-50% without busting your marketing budget? If you're a free agent, independent consultant, contractor, or freelancer, this book will help you master many overlooked...       more...

ISBN 9780967156507

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Helping Women Succeed in Business

Everything You Need to Know to Achieve Your Career Goals
by Nina Baldwin

Are you tired of being overlooked? Are you ready to move up the ladder and impress the world?

Then join Nina Baldwin as she reveals what you must know to succeed in the business world. As a...       more...

ISBN 9781938686528

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Keeping America Great

by Edward J. Carels, Ph.D.

By reading this book you will understand what makes America Great and what needs to be done to keep it that way. Learn the following:

Is America the same, better or worse than 5...       more...

ISBN 9780972997812

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Last Rites or Turnaround?

by Jim Sargeant

This book identifies the top 10 fundamental reasons why businesses fail and provides solutions to those problems. It deals with very serious matters, yet is not dry or text bookish. In an easy to read...       more...


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Leaders' Playbook

How to Apply Emotional Intelligence-Keys to Great Leadership
by Reldan S. Nadler, Psy.D.

The book has over 100 tried and true strategies from years of Executive Coaching, emotional intelligence training and leadership development programs to raise EI. The tools and models are described si...       more...

ISBN 9780975947746

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Pharmaceutical Sales Management in a Changeable Marketplace

A Self-paced guide to help District Sale Managers to perform more effectively and successfully
by Vicent F. Peters and Thomas B. Yeats

With the purchase of this title you will receive a free copy of How To Motivate Sales People a $24.95 value

This book is a self-paced guide to help Dis...       more...

ISBN 9780965623124

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Secret of the Slight Edge, The

How to Get Out of Your Own Way
by Bob Moawad &TJ Hoisington

Review "Many years ago I heard Bob Moawad deliver a keynote speech at a conference. I immediately fell in love with him and his message. This book is pure Bob full of deep insights, inspirational stor...       more...

ISBN 9781890427894

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Selling Through Your Heart

Empowering You To Build Relationships For Financial Freedom
by Shirlene Reeves

Tired of spinning your wheels at networking groups? Do you want to boost your sales, get out of your own backyard, generate a larger income and create a massive impact? If you're concerned about marke...       more...

ISBN 9781944335953

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Street-Smart Entrepreneur, The

by Jay Goltz

Small firms in Chicago employ more than 1.6 million individuals-nearly 50 percent of the private work force, according to a new study released this fall by the Small Business Administration. The surve...       more...

ISBN 9781886039339

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Unlearning Law School

The Key To Running Your Own Office
by Jeremy T. Robin, Esq.

You're one of the fifty thousand annual law school graduates or one million American lawyers, and you either don't have a legal job or are dissatisfied with the one you have. Compounding your frustrat...       more...

ISBN 9780977632404

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