Battle At Alcatraz

by Ernest B. Lageson

A desperate attempt to escape "The Rock." They said nobody could escape "The Rock," but in May of 1946, six desperate inmates attempted the impossible-escape from Alcatraz. The result: one of the bloo...       more...

ISBN 9781886039377

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Boots on the Ground with Music in My Hands

by Al Gould with Jackie Gould

In this memoir, Alvin Gould recounts his experiences serving in the United States military during the Korean War. Gould spent nearly a year of his three year tour of duty as an accordionist in the 2nd...       more...

ISBN 9781935089452

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Bullets & Babies

A true story of love, violence and the spirit to live
by Richard Ballo

In this story of heroism, love, and forgiveness, Janice handles her teenage pregnancies, spousal abuse, car accidents, beating, and a paralyzing gunshot wound from the men she loved. Her determination...       more...

ISBN 9780988546974

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Evil Harvest

by Rod Colvin

The true story of cult murder in the American Heartland. On a peaceful August morning in 1985, grim-faced FBI agents led a dawn raid on an eighty acre farm outside Rulo, Nebraska, said to be occupied ...       more...

ISBN 9781886039421

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Eye of the Beast

by Terry Adams

The true story of serial killer James Wood. James Wood looked quite ordinary. A master at appearing normal, he wouldn't be noticed in a crowd. In the fall of 1992, when the friendly community of Poeat...       more...

ISBN 9781886039322

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Falling Into Place

by Rita M. Ippoliti

"Ready, set, go!" With a rousing shout, a group of skydivers leaps from an aircraft 13,000 feet above the earth. During freefall they build intricate formations before separating to deploy their parac...       more...


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First-Person Cornell - softcover

by Carol Kammen

Using students' diaries, letters, email and blogs, Cornell historian Carol Kammen captures the essence of the undergraduate experience at Cornell through first-person student accounts that span nearly...       more...

ISBN 9780935995053

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Goodbye Helter Skelter

A New Look at the Tate-LaBianca Murders
by George Stimson

Fifty years later the Tate-LaBianca murders are still among the most infamous crime stories of all time. Now a long-time Manson associate presents his take on the case, based on years of research and ...       more...

ISBN 9780991372546

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Home On The Range

Nonfiction Short Stories
by Jerome Mark Antil

The stories are consistently engaging and entertaining. The two longer ones, Remembering the Echoes, (of two best friends dream of starting a bakery) and Return to Tiffany's (a beautiful seniors love ...       more...

ISBN 9781735307640

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Remember the Time

A True Intimate Look at Michael Jackson
by Theresa J. Gonsalves

REMEMBER THE TIME intimate look inside the relationship between Michael Jackson and his real Billie Jean, Ms. Theresa J. Gonsalves, as she reveals what the others didn't!

...       more...

ISBN 9780976234746

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The Boy Who Was Not a Lesbian and Other True Stories

by Kristin Lyseggen

When writer and photographer Kristin Lyseggen moved back to her native Norway from the UK in 2007, she contacted the Harry Benjamin Resource Center in Oslo, seeking participants in a project to increa...       more...

ISBN 9780985624408

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The Last Great Neighborhood

A Colorful and Nostalgic Journey of Life in a New York City Neighborhood
by Giorgio Maddalena

It's nineteen seventies America and neighborhoods, parks, stoops, street corners, and local candy stores are filled with its inhabitants. The vibe and feel of the community is palpable as children pla...       more...

ISBN 9781942749134

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The Women of San Quentin - Soul Murder of Transgender Women in Male Prisons

by Kristin Schreier Lyseggen

True stories about nine transgender women in the male US prison system who grew up never feeling safe, who were surrounded by others telling them that they should be normal, and that their deepest sen...       more...

ISBN 9780985624422

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Today's Heroes

A Compilation of Stories from 23 Cancer Survivors
by John Voso

Today's Heroes is a compilation of stories from 23 cancer survivors. The book was motivated by Richie White, who lost his battle in 1991 to an aggressive brain tumor at the age of four. Today, his mem...       more...

ISBN 9781935268840

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Trail of the Warrior

a fable of hope
by R.H. Pfeiffer

The true life stories of four people recovering from addiction, intermingled with their search for a higher power, helped along the way by a lovable dog named Rosie.

Addiction does not disc...       more...

ISBN 9780999488607

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Who Murdered Elvis? Revised Edition

The True Story they don't want you to know
by Stephen B. Ubaney

The night of Elvis' death, the investigator left all of his notes and photos from the death scene on the front seat of his car. In the morning, he discovered that his car had been burglarized and the ...       more...

ISBN 9780988282902

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Who Murdered FDR?

The true story they don't want you to know
by Stephen B. Ubaney

It's time to revisit 1945 and the final days World War II in a way that no one else ever has. Grab your thinking cap and join author Steve Ubaney ( in volume II of his five volume ...       more...

ISBN 9780988282933

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