Catharism: The Magazine of the International Cathar Movement

Single Issue 2024 Volume 2
by John Bogomil

A magazine about modern day Cathar culture, history and spirituality. 16 authors contributed to this volume to unveil the mysterious tradition of the medieval Cathar civilization, which is being reviv...       more...

ISBN 9780992701178

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Immortals, The

The Revelation of the Immortals, The Highest Rank of Great Church Love, to Blessed John
by Blessed John of the Holy Grail

The famous movement of the European Cathars, destroyed by the Roman inquisition in the Middle Ages, causes great interest today.
The outstanding thinker, blessed John, rehabilitates and compre...       more...

ISBN 9785982900869

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King Solomon and the Universal Temple of Peace

by Blessed John of the Holy Grail

This book will seriously question your knowledge of the greatest prophet, sage, and messiah of ancient Israel, the legendary King Solomon.

The dramatic spiritual crisis and enlightenment f...       more...

ISBN 9780992701109

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Rose of the Seraphites, The

The Revelation of Exceeding Wisdom
by John of the Holy Grail

The second millennium of the Christianity has ended.
What will the third coming one bring?
Daring and glorious challenge for the future transforming of the humanity is offered in the scroll ...       more...

ISBN 9785982900999

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The Holy Grail

Being in Virginal Love
by John of the Holy Grail

"I have found the True Church and will never turn away from it. This True Church is the Grail. Oh, the Holy Grail, I gave my heart to you! I became attached to you as much! I see the sacrifices you...       more...

ISBN 9788494013003

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The Holy Grail, Initiation into the Knighthood of Goodness

The Legends of the Cathar Castles
by John Bogomil

What is the Holy Grail? Where is it now? How can it be found? What is the mystery of the order of the Round Table, and is it possible to be a knight in our time? The author of this book builds a wonde...       more...

ISBN 9780992701192

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The New Gospel of Mary Magdalene

by Blessed John of the Holy Grail

Some people accept the indisputable authority of Tetraevangelion. Others add ancient apocrypha to it.

John of the Holy Grail, Cathar writer and spiritual leader, the author of four hundred...       more...

ISBN 9780992701130

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The Piano as the Lyre of Orpheus Volume 1

Notes on the revolution of the pianoforte
by John Bogomil

The author presents a completely new, revolutionary approach towards music as the language of divinity, and towards musical performance as a way of revealing the inner, spiritual being of the listener...       more...

ISBN 9780992701154

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