All the Power Rests with You

by Suzanne Stutman

All the Power Rests with You is a collection of poems written for children who might need the reassurance through the medium of poetry that they are indeed okay and special. Aided by her team of consu...       more...

ISBN 9780964826175

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Broken Feather

A Journey to Healing
by Suzanne Stutman

Broken Feather: A Journey to Healing: Through the enchanted world of poetry and prose, Dr. Stutman takes us on a spine-shilling personal journey from the buried depth of child abuse through the labyri...       more...

ISBN 9780964826106

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White Feather

A Journey to Peace
by Suzanne Stutman

White Feather: A Journey to Peace.The process of writing the poems for her previous book, Broken Feather: A Journey to Healing represented a true journey for Dr. Stutman....       more...

ISBN 9780964826144

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