Easiest Way, The - Spanish Edition

Solve Your Problems and Take the Road to Love, Happiness, Wealth and the Life of your Dreams
by Mabel Katz

Available in Spanish or English

We are conditioned by the past. We are controlled by our memories, and we have become terribly addicted to suffering. The premise of this book is to start...       more...

ISBN 9780974882000

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El hombre de las suelas de viento

by David Gonzalez

The English translation of the title is: The Man with the Sole of the Wind

The poet David González just published a book "The Man With the Sole of Wind." It's a book of poems which approach...       more...

ISBN 9788496147089

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Getting Them Sober Vol. 1 - Spanish Edition

by Toby Rice Drews

The first volume of Getting Them Sober contains hundreds of practical and effective suggestions for sobriety and recovery.

El primer volumen de lograr que Sober contiene cientos de consejos...       more...

ISBN 9781891874116

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La Maison Des Intemperies

Vivre Avec Un Parent Ayant Un Trouble De Personnalite Limite
by Lise Laporte, Ph.D and Ronald Fraser, MD
Illustrations by Elisabeth Eudes-Pascal

This illustrated book for school-aged children provides, through touching story, clinically sound and age-appropriate information for children, giving them clear answers to frequently asked questions ...       more...

ISBN 9781735818528

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Queridos Padres

de la amorosa maestra de sus hijos
by Dana Arias

En este poderoso libro, aprenderá cómo los padres y los maestros pueden trabajar juntos en un espíritu de armonía para el beneficio de sus estudiantes y niños por igual.

Dana ofrece una se...       more...

ISBN 9781943164028

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The ABC's of Learning Issues Spanish Edition

A Practical Guide for Parents
by Dana Stahl, M.Ed.

Do you know children who experience attention, anxiety, and learning issues? The ABCs of Learning Issues is a valuable resource that ?helps parents better understand and support their children?s learn...       more...

ISBN 9780996846714

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