Fatale: How French Women Do It

by Edith Kunz

Fatale: How French Women Do It peeks at the mysterious ways Frenchwomen manage to appear sexy, smart and recklessly chic. Clues unmask the delicious deceptions plotted by Frenchwomen while suggesting...       more...

ISBN 9780927015257

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Luna Yoga

Vital Fertility and Sexuality
by Adelheid Ohlig

Take control of your fertility without drugs, increase your sexual pleasure, relieve reproductive problems; these are the results European women report after practicing LUNA YOGA. Available for the fi...       more...

ISBN 9780961462062

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Mass Deception

A Story of love, lust, and ...
by Hallema

Mass Deception is a story of love, lust, and lies. It's a gender-bending love story with a twist. Hallema takes you on a journey through the life of Toni T. Goodwin a twenty something advertising ex...       more...

ISBN 9780974690902

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