A Disciple's Journal

In the Company of Swami Ashokananda
by Sister Gargi

This is Sister Gargi's personal account of her spiritual training over two decades by Swami Ashokananda (1893-1969), the illustrious spiritual teacher of the Ramakrishna Order who headed the Vedanta S...       more...

ISBN 9780970636829

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A Heart Poured Out

A Story of Swami Ashokananda
by Sister Gargi

This popular book is now available in its first paperback edition. A Heart Poured Out is the fascinating biography of Swami Ashokananda (1893-1969), an illustrious teacher of the Ramakrishna Order who...       more...

ISBN 9780970636812

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by Cathy Clay

Agatta Lugar arrived at No. 51 Dauphine Street Madam Zuline Clovis's Bordello, in 1884 on Valentine's Day; she was fourteen years old. Since then three years had passed and she had become one of Clov...       more...

ISBN 9780976135203

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Ancient Examples: St. Justin Martyr and St. Perpetua

Writings of the Early Christians for Today
by Donna Perpetua

Two martyred Saints call through the ages for their work to be published--the Holy Saint Justin Martyr and the Holy Saint Perpetua. This new series, Ancient Examples: Writings of the Early Christians ...       more...

ISBN 9781944976057

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Ancient Examples: The Martyrdom Accounts of St. Justin Martyr and St. Perpetua - Large Print Edition

Writings of the Early Christians for Today
by Donna Perpetua

Two martyred Saints call through the ages for their work to be published - the Holy Saint Justin Martyr and the Holy Saint Perpetua. This series, Ancient Examples: Writings of the Early Christians for...       more...

ISBN 9781944976088

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Ancient Examples: The Martyrdom Accounts of St. Justin Martyr and St. Perpetua - Large Print Edition

Writings of the Early Christians for Today
by Donna Perpetua

Two martyred Saints call through the ages for their work to be published - the Holy Saint Justin Martyr and the Holy Saint Perpetua. This series, Ancient Examples: Writings of the Early Christians for...       more...

ISBN 9781944976095

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Bossed Up

100 Truths To Becoming Your Own Boss, God's Way!
by Tamar Huggins

Bossed Up is the indispensable owner's manual to spearheading your potential and becoming your own boss, the way God intended. Bossed Up was created as a guide to help you work through the inevitable ...       more...

ISBN 9780995212015

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Building Jerusalem

& Other Letters from a Darkened Room
by Richard Roper

'The slow-boiling social and intellectual revolution of the last six decades is coming to a head. The nations of Europe and North America need to decide if they will throw off their spiritual, moral ...       more...

ISBN 9781838309411

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Catharism: The Magazine of the International Cathar Movement

Single Issue 2024 Volume 2
by John Bogomil

A magazine about modern day Cathar culture, history and spirituality. 16 authors contributed to this volume to unveil the mysterious tradition of the medieval Cathar civilization, which is being reviv...       more...

ISBN 9780992701178

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Centred in Truth 2 vol. set

The Story of Swami Nitya-Swarup-Ananda
by Shelley Brown

This is the first major work about Swami Nitya-swarup-ananda (1899-1992)-the visionary monk of the Ramakrishna Order who created the UNESCO-acclaimed Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture in Calcut...       more...

ISBN 9780970636805

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Comprehensive New Testament, The

by T.E. Clontz(Editor)
Illustrations by J. Clontz(Editor)

The Comprehensive New Testament only requires a sixth grade reading level and is the most accurate translation of the Nestle-Aland 27th edition Greek New Testament ever produced. The Nestle-Aland 27th...       more...

ISBN 9780977873715

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Cramming for the Finals

New Ways of Looking at Old Church Ideas
by William Aulenbach, MDiv, PhD

How can a fourth-century theology be relevant today? Is the Bible meant to be taken literally? Can Jesus be stripped of some of his titles? These are just a few of the questions that the author, a Pro...       more...

ISBN 9780998768939

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Fifty Shades of Talmud

What the First Rabbis Had to Say About You-Know-What
by Maggie Anton

Amusing. Seductive. Stimulating. We're talking about the Talmud? That's right. Take fifty actual Talmudic discussions, mix in pithy sayings (appropriate and inappropriate) by luminaries from Mae West ...       more...

ISBN 9780976305064

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Glass Halo

Glass & Love: How Easily They Break
by Colleen Smith

Glass Halo is the luminous story of the intellectual, spiritual, and carnal relationship between a lapsed Catholic stained-glass artist and a charismatic but wayward Catholic priest. Together they co...       more...

ISBN 9780984428908

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Glory Connections

Divine Collaborations, Challenges, and Celebrations
by Lana Heightley and Melonie Janet Mangum

Unity in diversity is more than like-minded compatibility. Amanda Conner writes in her recent post, Unity is a choice and something every person must pay attention to. It is not automatic.
As our...       more...

ISBN 9781944298739

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God's Divine Plan to Build His Kingdom

Learning to Live as God Planned
by Roy David Chaney

Where do you fit into the Kingdom of God? As you read and study this comprehensive look at Scripture, you will understand just how you fit into Godís divine plan. Author Roy David Chaneyís desire is t...       more...

ISBN 9781938512681

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God, Israel, & Shiloh

Returning to the Land
by David Rubin

"God, Israel, and Shiloh" is a gripping biblical and historical saga about the Land of Israel and the Jewish people. After reading this book, you will gain a new understanding of both the religious an...       more...

ISBN 9780982906729

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Greater Inheritance, The

The true story of one Amish family's journey to the Truth
by Mary Schrock

Mary Schrock had grown up a devout insider in the cloistered world of the old Amish order. Strictly abiding by rules and regulations of the Amish Church, it would not be until light of God?s truth pie...       more...

ISBN 9781935298243

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How to Make Love (the Agape kind) with Jesus

by William Aulenbach

To live life to the fullest, all of us must continue to evolve. For the Reverend Dr. William Aulenbach, a Progressive Christian and former clergyman, evolving means questioning, changing, growing, and...       more...

ISBN 9780998768908

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Iggy Finds Peace

by Douglas G. Goldberg

Iggy was a small giraffe living in the African savannah. He was part of a tower of many giraffes, but he felt lonely and sad. He didnít have any friends. Read this book to learn how Iggy Finds Peace. ...       more...

ISBN 9781944398913

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Immortals, The

The Revelation of the Immortals, The Highest Rank of Great Church Love, to Blessed John
by Blessed John of the Holy Grail

The famous movement of the European Cathars, destroyed by the Roman inquisition in the Middle Ages, causes great interest today.
The outstanding thinker, blessed John, rehabilitates and compre...       more...

ISBN 9785982900869

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Into The Nothing

A Spiritual Autobiography
by Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

Join us as Gabriel Cousens MD, shares his wild adventurous mystical life that led to his liberation.

The book takes us through the unique process of classical spiritual awakening and libera...       more...

ISBN 9780997046724

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Journaling Your Personal Walk with God

A Devotional Journal
by Sara A. Davis

This devotional journal is designed to enhance the reader?s study of God?s word. It will help cultivate a good habit to assist in spiritual development. It allows the reader to cherish the moments, re...       more...

ISBN 9780982715192

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Journey To The Cross

by Shane Cloonan

A fictional tale that takes readers on a journey from our Lord?s birth to his crucifixion told through the eyes of his unlikely friend, ?the donkey?. Though written and illustrated for young readers, ...       more...

ISBN 9780692852408

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King Solomon and the Universal Temple of Peace

by Blessed John of the Holy Grail

This book will seriously question your knowledge of the greatest prophet, sage, and messiah of ancient Israel, the legendary King Solomon.

The dramatic spiritual crisis and enlightenment f...       more...

ISBN 9780992701109

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Lexi Learns Self Control

by Douglas G. Goldberg

Lexi was a beautiful cutting horse living on a ranch in Montana. She was happy and loved herding cows, but developed a bad temper after an injury. Look inside to find out how Lexi Learns Self-Control....       more...

ISBN 9781944298968

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Experience the Presence of Father God as an Arrow in His Quiver
by Cecil Carder

Sharing stories that reveal how God has influenced Cecil in making him who he is today, is the basis of Narrowtive. As you read each different account, you will be blessed to learn how the often munda...       more...

ISBN 9781944298944

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Nazareth Jesus Knew, The

by Joel Kauffman

The Nazareth Jesus Knew is an intimate look at the home in the world of the Man who changed the world, in beautiful photos, and delightful text by writer, Joel Kauffmann. It developed out of a decade-...       more...

ISBN 9780977140718

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Nazareth Jesus Knew, The - DVD

A Television Series - Season 1

...       more...

ISBN 9781615845439

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Rose of the Seraphites, The

The Revelation of Exceeding Wisdom
by John of the Holy Grail

The second millennium of the Christianity has ended.
What will the third coming one bring?
Daring and glorious challenge for the future transforming of the humanity is offered in the scroll ...       more...

ISBN 9785982900999

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Shafts of Light

Selected Teachings of Swami Ashokananda for Spiritual Practice
by Sister Gargi & Shelley Brown

This is a valuable new guide to the practice of Vedanta and inner yoga: a priceless collection of spiritual instructions from Swami Ashokananda (1893-1969) to his close American disciples. Vedanta's e...       more...

ISBN 9780970636836

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Sparks From Zion

by David Rubin

How can we understand the attention focused on the nation of Israel? As the free world struggles with the dilemma of how to combat ISIS and other manifestations of Islamic fundamentalism, Israel appea...       more...

ISBN 9780982906767

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Tales of the Holy Mysticat

Jewish Wisdom Stories by a Feline Mystic
by Rachel Adler

In early 2007, Professor Rachel Adler, a Jewish feminist theologian, decided her new apartment needed a cat. As she searched through photos from local shelters, one gaunt feline caught her eye. Despi...       more...

ISBN 9780976305019

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The American Atlantis

The True Discovery of the New World
by John Bogomil

Long before Columbus, the ancient Celts and Vikings visited the American continent. Later, the Knights Templar established many luminous oases of kind people in America. Garden cities full of wonderfu...       more...

ISBN 979897454633

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The Complaining Cure

How To Quit Grumbling, Stop Criticizing and Find Abundant Joy
by Bill & Kim Wahl

Break free from the toxicity of negativity by uprooting pockets complaining and criticism, and find abundant joy! Discover practical tools and wisdom to help you become more aware of your thoughts and...       more...

ISBN 9780997077636

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The Courageous Choice

An Amish Family's Shattered Dream
by Mary Schrock

I canít go on like this, I must know!
Is there anyone who can help me?
Rosannaís mind was spinning out of control!
In her anguish and turmoil, she buried her face
in her hands ...       more...

ISBN 9781946598295

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The Holy Grail

Being in Virginal Love
by John of the Holy Grail

"I have found the True Church and will never turn away from it. This True Church is the Grail. Oh, the Holy Grail, I gave my heart to you! I became attached to you as much! I see the sacrifices you...       more...

ISBN 9788494013003

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The Holy Grail, Initiation into the Knighthood of Goodness

The Legends of the Cathar Castles
by John Bogomil

What is the Holy Grail? Where is it now? How can it be found? What is the mystery of the order of the Round Table, and is it possible to be a knight in our time? The author of this book builds a wonde...       more...

ISBN 9780992701192

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The New Gospel of Mary Magdalene

by Blessed John of the Holy Grail

Some people accept the indisputable authority of Tetraevangelion. Others add ancient apocrypha to it.

John of the Holy Grail, Cathar writer and spiritual leader, the author of four hundred...       more...

ISBN 9780992701130

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The Piano as the Lyre of Orpheus Volume 1

Notes on the revolution of the pianoforte
by John Bogomil

The author presents a completely new, revolutionary approach towards music as the language of divinity, and towards musical performance as a way of revealing the inner, spiritual being of the listener...       more...

ISBN 9780992701154

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The Pursuit of Righteousness

Understanding How Your Righteousness is by Faith
by Anita Singh

In The Pursuit of Righteousness, you will gain life-changing knowledge about righteousness and the important role it plays in your right standing with God through Jesus Christ.

Many Christi...       more...

ISBN 9780692294765

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The Selected Sermons of Dr. Roger Bourland

by Roger Bourland

Over his decades-long career as a preacher, Dr. Roger Bourland preached hundreds of sermons. He continually inspired his congregations and his eloquence and powerful, heartfelt messages led to his bei...       more...

ISBN 9781938686993

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The Woman in the Wilderness

The Revelation of the Virgin May - June 1994
by Blessed John

ďThis is a very old book and not the best translation, yet it is a unique explanation of the Revelation of St. John.
The Woman of the Apocalypse speaks in the last times that are coming and gives...       more...

ISBN 5765300049

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Touching the Elephant

Values the World's Religions Share and How They Can Transform Us
by Nancy J. Thompson

Touching the Elephant: Values the World's Religions Share and How They Can Transform Us by Nancy J. Thompson bridges two realms: the sacred and the secular. Thompson does not want to convert readers, ...       more...

ISBN 9781733195508

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The Holy Spirit's Unfathomable Power Revealed
by Lana Heightley and Melonie Janet Mangum

Are you longing to walk closer with God? Let Lana Heightly and Melonie Janet Mangum be your personal guides as they share stories of their thrilling journey with God. In this insightful book, they wil...       more...

ISBN 9781944298692

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When Bible Meets History

Ancient Voices Tell Their Version
by Stephen Lee Crane

Knowing the historical backdrop of Torah can support and enhance religious or secular understanding of this great work. With modern discoveries and critical thinking, it is increasingly urgent to rec...       more...

ISBN 9781414504889

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Whisper Angel

by Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D.
Illustrations by Sandra Betancort

This is the tale of the Angel of Hope and how, with the help of the Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphaela, she manages to reach her potential as a helping angel. The only thing that Hope wis...       more...

ISBN 9780997046786

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Wisdon in the Morning

A Devotional for the Morning
by Dorothy R. Swygert

Live Peaceably on God's Earth

Love is the nexus of life. Let it flow.

the strength of the heart is the beauty of love. When love enraptures the heart, the spirit of the loving Go...       more...

ISBN 9780991230617

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