Be Your Own Brand of Sexy

A New Sexual Revolution for Women
by Susan L. Edelman, MD

How Can I Get What I Want from Men?
Today's dating culture is a minefield. With tricky dos and don'ts and endless conflicting strategies, women are more confused than ever. You could be hurting y...       more...

ISBN 9781942343226

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Creating A Healthy Life and Marriage

A Holistic Approach: Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit
by Judith Anne Desjardins, LCSW, BCD, MSWAC

"Winner of 16 prestigous book awards in the United States and Canada, the message of this book is one of hope and optimism that we can improve ourselves and our relationships with others.
The mat...       more...

ISBN 9780984387502

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Dandelions Blooming in the Cracks of Sidewalks

Stories from the Bedside of the Dying
by Amita Lhamo

Amita Lhamo uses her luminous stories to reveal the power of simple human kindness and the profundity of being. She shares the beauty found blooming within the cracks of broken hearts leading us into ...       more...

ISBN 9780998044705

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Disagree and Stay in Love

Tips for Fighting Fair
by Liz SuperLibrarian

Tips for fighting Fair. Perfect relationships don't exist. Arguments will happen. Learn to fight fair and the love will last. This is a book that gives you easy tips on how to 'fight fair' and 'stay i...       more...

ISBN 9780977587278

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Discovering a Dynamic Marriage

12 Secrets to Navigating Uncharted Seas
by Joy Peterson, M.A.

Finally An Owner's Manual That Comes With "I Do"

Joy Peterson's passion and purpose for this book is the summation of her lifetime work with couples and families.

The author desc...       more...

ISBN 9781935586982

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From Mrs. to Ms.

How To Pull Your Life Together When Your Marriage Falls Apart
by Rita Magalde

Encouragement When You Need It Most

If divorce looms on the horizon?whether you?re contemplating it, expecting it, or in the middle of one?Rita Magalde has ways to make it easier to get thr...       more...

ISBN 9780996989701

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How to Achieve Success in Marriage

by Sonny J. Akpan

You don?t want your marriage to end up a failure like many others. But do you know how to take control over it?

Discover how to be successful in life?s most important field as Sonny Akpan e...       more...

ISBN 9780964818163

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How To Stay Married Without Going Crazy 2nd Edition

Learn to Navigate and Negotiate the Emotional issues in Marriage
by Rebecca Fuller Ward, MSW, LCSW

Rebecca Ward has specialized in relationship therapy for over thirty-five years. In this book, she shares much of what she has learned from the thousands of hours she has spent with the individuals, c...       more...

ISBN 9781568251677

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Remarrying Right

Creating Everlasting Love With Your True Soul Mate
by Susan Ortolano, M.A.

Remarrying Right is an educational, experiential, and transformational book designed to help those wanting to remarry or already remarried to find their forever marriage. In the pages of this book you...       more...

ISBN 9781943164455

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Setting True Boundaries

How to Create Respect, Safety and Freedom in Relationships
by Dave Jetson

Do you feel like people don’t respect you? Maybe they ignore what you want or just take advantage of you.

When that happens, life doesn’t seem fair. But a sense of fairness can exist betwee...       more...

ISBN 9781947937277

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The Art of Being Nice

Own Your Voice for Greater Fulfillment
by Diane Albano Ed.D.

What Has Been the Impact of “Being Nice” in Your Life? Has it Empowered You or Created Pitfalls?

Diane Albano has spent her life being nice, and experiencing the consequences. Now she share...       more...

ISBN 9781950241545

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Twins in Session

Case Histories in Treating Twinship Issues
by Joan A. Friedman

Why would a twin sacrifice her own needs to make sure her same-age sibling is always cared for?

What would cause a twin to have panic attacks when he and his brother go away to separate c...       more...

ISBN 9780989346450

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What Is It Costing You Not To Listen

The Power of Understanding to Connect, Influence, Solve & Sell
by Christine Miles

Do you want to make a positive change in your life, work, or business? Do you want to improve your marriage, be a better parent, or drive more revenue to your business?

Then you’ve found th...       more...

ISBN 9781636181493

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Will Jew Marry Me?

A Guide to Dating Relationships,Love, and Marriage
by Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff

You graduated from a great school, you have a rewarding career, and your family is warm and caring. So why are you--like so many other young Jewish men and women in their twenties and thirties--having...       more...

ISBN 9780997451535

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