An Umbrella For Alex

by Rachel Rashkin-Shoot
Illustrations by Danni Diol

This book narrates a young boyís journey as he attempts to understand and cope with his motherís abrupt mood swings. Written to be read with a therapist, parent, or other trusted adult, the story of A...       more...

ISBN 9781427602985

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Hey, That Kid Got Issues. Maybe Itís ADHD.

by Earnest L. Williams, Jr.
Illustrations by Steve Howard

This book intended for children ages 6 to 10 is about a familyís experience with ADHD. The book helps children and their parents understand why some children cannot sit still, talk too much, have diff...       more...

ISBN 9780989207409

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In My Corner On the Moon

A Story for Kids Who Experienced Trauma
by Rachel Rashkin-Shoot, PsyD
Illustrations by Dale L. Hormuth, Jr.

This book is intended for children and adolescents who have experienced some form of trauma. Narrated by 12-year-old Abigail, the book is written in a straightforward but gentle style and has a strong...       more...

ISBN 9780989207416

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The Weather House 2nd Edition

Living with a Parent with Borderline Personality Disorder
by Lise Laporte, Ph.D and Ronald Fraser, MD
Illustrations by Elisabeth Eudes-Pascal

This illustrated book for school-aged children provides, through touching story, clinically sound and age-appropriate information for children, giving them clear answers to frequently asked questions ...       more...

ISBN 9781735818504

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