Birding From the Hip

A Sound Approach Anthology
by Antthony McGeehan & The Sound Approach

Asked about his forthcoming book, Anthony replied," Having worked myself up from The Observers Book of Birds and pawnshop opera glasses to Swarovski ELs (and abject poverty) it is has been a cathartic...       more...

ISBN 9789081093330

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Florists to the Field

by Greg Campbell (Floral Designer) (Author), Erick New (Floral Designer) (Author), Christian Owen (Writer/Editor) (Author), Sarah Bell of SÚlavie Photography

Garden District co-owners Greg Campbell and Erick New have grown a business of floral abundance and artistry one relationship at a time. A partnership of boundless creativity with an anything-can-be-d...       more...

ISBN 9780692996232

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Sound Approach to Birding, The

A Guide to Understanding Bird Sound
by Mark Constantine & The Sound Approach

The Sound Approach to Birding

Learn the facts of bird sound while listening to over 200 beautiful exclusive stereo recordings from all over the world. Combining anecdote, scientific t...       more...

ISBN 9789081093316

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The Artist's Safari

Capturing Africa with Pen, Lens, and Paintbrush
by Fred Krakowiak

With a Foreword by Dr. Laurie Marker, DPhil,
Founder/Executive Director of the Cheetah Conservation Fund

In his beautiful new book, The Artist?s Safari (Maverick Brush Strokes, May 201...       more...

ISBN 9780978708412

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