7 Unicorn Drive

From Startup to a Billion Dollar Sales in 7 Years - The Adventures of Iza and Samo Login
by Dani Polajnar

In this head-twirling business novel, the founders of a billion-dollar tech startup prove how putting purpose before profit, and cultivating people-first leadership, results in massive financial su...       more...

ISBN 9789925773138

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Becoming A Great Leader

How to Develop Your Leadership Attributes to Better Serve Others
by Matt Jenkins

Are you tired of following others? Of working hard but not getting ahead? Does changing your situation to become the leader of your own life seem difficult?

It doesn?t have to be. You can s...       more...

ISBN 9781943164417

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Becoming A Great Leader

How to Develop Your Leadership Attributes to Better Serve Others
by Matt Jenkins, MPA

Are you tired of following others? Of working hard but not getting ahead? Does changing your situation to become the leader of your own life seem difficult?

It doesn t have to be. You can s...       more...

ISBN 9781950241637

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Becoming Ridiculously Awesome

Who Doesn't Want That?
by Meredith Herrenbruck

Do you want to take off like a rocket but you just don?t have the fuel? Do you feel like the dreams of your youth are now replaced with the frenzy of everyday living? Do you get the sense that you jus...       more...

ISBN 9781943164981

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Being Unapologetic

Empowering You to Become an Influential Speaker and Visionary Leader
by Davide Di Giorgio

Are you tired of hiding who you are and what you believe? Are you ready to shine for all the world to see? Do you want to unleash your X factor as an influential speaker and leader to positively impac...       more...

ISBN 9781947937543

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Designing a Strategy that Works

Defining Goals, Making Choices, Delivering Results
by Sarah Thrift

Whether you are a multi-national business or a one-person organization, whether your aim is for-profit or not-for-profit, Designing a Strategy that Works provides practical techniques to maximize succ...       more...

ISBN 9781943164264

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Driven to Thrive

10 Proven Strategies to Excel, Expand, And Elevate Your Career and Life
by Alicia D. Reece

Could you imagine…

Waking up every morning feeling energized, empowered and fulfilled within your career and
personal life?

Finding yourself doing purposeful work inside of ...       more...

ISBN 9781636180564

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Head for Leading / Heart for Loving

Leveraging Influence, Compassion, and Relationships to Achieve your Organization Goals
by Shaun A. Sullivan, PHD

When you learn the tools that work, you get the results that are possible.

This book helps to remove the fear of misunderstanding when one expresses love in a corporate environment by teach...       more...

ISBN 9781950241866

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Helping Women Succeed in Business

Everything You Need to Know to Achieve Your Career Goals
by Nina Baldwin

Are you tired of being overlooked? Are you ready to move up the ladder and impress the world?

Then join Nina Baldwin as she reveals what you must know to succeed in the business world. As a...       more...

ISBN 9781938686528

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How To Motivate Sales People

The Sales Manager's Toolkit
by Vincent F. Peters

Keeping salespeople motivated is one of the biggest challenges facing sales management today, regardless of industry. The key player in motivating salespeople is the frontline sales manager, this book...       more...

ISBN 9780965623162

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Igniting Purpose-Driven Leadership

Shifting Your Team To Abundance By Unleashing Creativity
by Jim Nevada

With Igniting Purpose-Driven Leadership, Jim Nevada explores the dynamic and ever-changing environment in which all organizations operate in our global economy, and how 21st Century leadership require...       more...

ISBN 9781947937260

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Leadership Is Not About Race

How Leaders and Followers Inspire and Influence Each Other
by Teddie Malangwasira, Ph.D.

In Leadership is not about Race: How leaders and followers inspire and influence each other, Dr. Malangwasiramakes it clear that anyone can be a leader?regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ...       more...

ISBN 9781944335762

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Leadership Tune-Up

Twelve Steps to Becoming a More Successful and Innovative Leader
by Christine Johnson McPhail

To become a more successful, innovative higher education leader, you need to assess your leadership competencies and areas that need improvement, develop a core set of skills and know how to sustain t...       more...

ISBN 9780964225701

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Leveraging the Genetics of Leadership

Cracking the code of sustainable team performance
by Daniel B. Edds, MBA

A revolutionary approach to leadership that is being used by elite organizations to achieve and sustain maximum impact. By abandoning traditional “follow the leader” models of leadership, these elite ...       more...

ISBN 9781890427405

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Mingle to Millions 2nd Edition

The Art and Science of Building Business Relationships and Mastering Referrals
by Cami Baker

Cami Baker is the genius mind we have all been waiting for. Full of energy, realness, and a relatable aura, Cami Baker squashes what we thought we knew about networking. Just like she states in this b...       more...

ISBN 9780692839102

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New Rules for Women

Revolutionizing the Way Women Work Together
by Anne Litwin, PhD

For the most part, women work together well. Yet the latest research clearly shows that many women struggle in their workplace relationships with other women. These struggles can be frustrating for wo...       more...

ISBN 9780982056981

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Next Generation Leaders

Getting Tomorrow's Leaders Ready Today
by Martin O'Neill

Virtually all CEOs say the development of their companies' middle managers is a critical success factor, but research indicates that only 28 percent of companies have a program in place that addresses...       more...

ISBN 9780986253126

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Real Story of Informix Sotware and Phil White, The

Lessons In Business and Leadership for the Executive Team
by Steve W. Martin

This fascinating behind-the-scenes book chronicles the meteoric rise of Informix Software, how it became a billion-dollar software giant, and the scandal that ultimately led to its spectacular fall. I...       more...

ISBN 9780972182225

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The K Concept

We Are Always on Our Way From Yesterday Towards Tomorrow
by Leif Klingborg

The K Concept shows you how to lead your people so you gain their full support in moving toward your organization's ambitions and strategies. Whether it is the company you head, the division you lead,...       more...

ISBN 9780984102174

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The New Game Changers

Driving Performance by Focusing on What Matters
by Butler Newman and Greg Long

As the business environment grows ever more complex and new competitors enter the market, the demands on leadership change. Conventional approaches won?t cut it any longer. The New Game Changers tells...       more...

ISBN 9780986253102

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Unleash Your Rising

Lead with Intention and Ignite Your Story
by Christine Gail

Do you feel that unleashing a more powerful vision for your life is long overdue?

Unleash Your Rising will transform the way you view the world, yourself, and your potential. Christine Gail...       more...

ISBN 9781947937963

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Vision to Serve, The

Cultivating a Legacy of Public Service
by Christopher Headen

Building the Future - The Next Generation of Public Service Leaders

What is a public servant? In general, the men and women who fill the roles of public servants are honest and princip...       more...

ISBN 9780615269948

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