A Free Woman on God's Earth

The True Story of Elizabeth
by Jana Laiz and Ann-Elizabeth Barnes
Illustrations by Jacqueline Rogers

"A Free Woman On God's Earth" is a juvenile biography for ages 8 and up containing over 40 illustrations. It is the story of Elizabeth “Mumbet” Freeman, the enslaved African woman who had the courage ...       more...

ISBN 9780981491028

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Billy Budd in the Breadbox

The Story of Herman Melville & Eleanor
by Jana Laiz

Eleanor has a mystery to solve. Her beloved grandfather is hiding a secret, but where? Will she find it the folds of his black coat? Tucked in his wiry gray beard?
Or does it lie behind the spark...       more...

ISBN 9780998313917

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Blanket of Stars

by Jana Laiz & Sean Vernon
Illustrations by Anastasiia Kuusk

Winner of Moonbeam Children's Book Award GOLD Medal! Best Picture Book!

Join Little Bird, Little Fox and Little Bunny as they get ready for bed. Lull your little ones to sweet sleep with th...       more...

ISBN 9780981491073

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The Adventures of Charlie & Moon

Facing the Qunicequonces
by Martin Meader

It's the hilarious story of a boy named Charlie and a very special eagle named Moon. Together they have to save all endangered species from being turned into stuffed toys by toymaker-gone-mad, Skunk W...       more...

ISBN 9780981491011

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The Rev. Samuel Harrison

Abolitionist, Activist, and Chaplain of the Massachusette 54th, The First Black Regiment Raised in The North in the Civil War
by Ann-Elizabeth Barnes

...       more...

ISBN 9780998313900

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The Twelfth Stone

by Jana Laiz

The faerie world is fading. Human greed is giving rise to the evilest of faeries. Only Rionnag’s marriage will prevent earth’s doom. But she will have none of it.

The Twelfth Stone is a Cel...       more...

ISBN 9780981491042

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Thomas & Autumn

by Jana Laiz
Illustrations by Melody Lea Lamb

Thomas wants a chicken, but not just any chicken. Thomas wants a Silkie Bantam. Thomas has five dollars to take to the poultry show. Will he find the perfect chick?

Thomas & Autumn is the s...       more...

ISBN 9780981491097

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Weeping Under the Same Moon

by Jana Laiz

ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Gold Medalist and an International Reading Association Notable Book, Weeping Under This Same Moon is based on the true story of two teenage girls from different cu...       more...

ISBN 9780981491004

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